Legends of the Quarter Mile Slot Car Drag Set

Don Prudhomme VS. Mickey Thompson Auto World Legends of the Quarter Mile Slot Car Drag Set

Auto World will be offering another Legends of the Quarter Mile Slot Car Drag Set with 2 vintage racing juggernauts! Don “The Snake” and Mickey Thompson go head-to-head just like the glory days of quarter mile racing! With the great detail of these 4Gear racers, working staging lights, foul start indicator, and finish line lights, vintage racing returns to glory!

Due November 2017 – Item#SRS319

The photos below are advertised as Pre-production samples subject to improvements in production.

Legends of Quarter Mile Drag Set

Vintage NHRA Funny Cars

Don Prudhomme Slot Car

Mickey Thompson Slot Car

Round 2 August Product Spotlight

This months Round 2 Product Spotlight video features the new John Force Racing Dragset and three new 4Gear NHRA Funny Cars. Check out the video and photos below.

John Force Racing Dragstrip featuring a John Force Peak sponsored car and Courtney Force Advance Auto sponsored car.

#1 Matt Hagan – Pennzoil Sponsor

#2 Ron Capps – NAPA Sponsor

#3 Tommy Johnson – Make A Wish Sponsor

New Summit Pro Racing Dragstrip Available Now!

Summit Racing has a new Pro Racing Dragstrip currently available. Part Number CP-7425 is a 13′ track with two NHRA Pro Stock Slot Cars included.

Check out the photos below.

Greg Anderson – Red Summit Racing Equipment Pro Stock

Jason Line – Blue Summit Racing Equipment Pro Stock

Summit Pro Racing Dragstrip – CP-7425

1/32 Scale Pro Racing Dragstrip Coming Soon?

I stumbled across an article from an issue of Drag Racing Action Magazine, I do not know how recent but I imagine it isn’t that old. The article is titled A True Toy Story and is about the new owner of Round 2, Tom Lowe. It is an interesting read and provides a good history lesson on how Round 2 came to be and the Auto World slot car brand as well.

The most interesting part comes at the end though. Lowe mentions that his next idea is building the Pro Racing Dragstrip for the larger 1/32 Scale! I know my basement barely has room for a 1/64th scale 1000′ track let alone a 1/32 scale track!

Check out the full article below.

ROUND 2 – News Article

Coming in August – New Pro Racing Dragstrip Set

I have found information today mentioning a new Pro Racing Dragstrip Set. SRS320 will be a John Force Racing Drag Set featuring two new NHRA Funny Cars

John Force – Peak Sponsored Funny Car

Courtney Force – Advance Auto Sponsored Funny Car

It appears this will be a 13′ dragstrip set. I was able to locate several different online retailers that had this set listed as being available in August 2017. This is very surprising as I have not heard anything about this set in the monthly Round2 product announcement videos. We will see what they say in their August video. Until then, this is the only photo I have found of the set.

Autoworld Pro Racing Dragstrip

Legends of the Quarter Mile (Super Stock) ThunderJet Release 19

Round 2 posted their February Product Spotlight video about a couple days ago. Check it out to see the new Legends of the Quarter Mile (Super Stock) ThunderJet Release 19. Auto World’s Legends of the Quarter Mile™ has expanded to include some of the most popular Super Stocks of the 60s and 70s drag racing era! These beasts thundered down dragstrips across the country entertaining sold-out crowds week after week. These cars may look stock on the surface, but they’re highly modified to extract every last second of time off the quarter mile! Check out the Spotlight video below and scroll down for images of the 3 slot cars as well as the sell sheet.

This 3 Car release includes the following slot cars:

Georgia Shaker 1964 Ford Thunderbolt Super Stock

Georgia Shaker 1964 Ford Thunderbolt Super Stock

Dick Landy 1969 Dodge Charger R/T Super Stock

Dick Landy 1969 Dodge Charger R/T Super Stock

Grumpy’s Toy 1966 Chevy® Nova™ Super Stock

Grumpy’s Toy 1966 Chevy® Nova™ Super Stock

ThunderJets Release 19 Sell Sheet

John Force Racing – Pro Racing Dragstrip

One of the first Pro Racing Dragstrips from Auto World is the John Force Racing Set. Featuring a 13′ Dragstrip with a functioning LED Christmas Tree and electronic finish line with win lights as well as in-track sensors for red foul lights. This set includes two NHRA Funny Cars, Castrol sponsored John Force & Ashley Force Hood.

The cars included in the slot car drag racing set are similar if not identical to the same Release 3 versions. Looking at the official images from Autoworld there does seem to be one difference from the printed images to the actual cars though. That is the lack of the Simpson sponsor decal on the side right before the window. On the cars you can clearly see it has been added. The release 3 cars also have this same scenario occurring, missing on the printed marketing material but present on the actual cars.

Note the Release 3 cars listed for additional purchase on this sell sheet compared to the one to the right.

Ashley Force Hood

John Force

The red circle highlights where the Simpson decal appears on the actual cars.

Ultimate Auto World NHRA 4 Gear HO Slot Collection

Interested in purchasing the current complete collection of Auto World NHRA Slot Cars? Check out Frank’s eBay listing for 115 Auto World 4Gear NHRA Drag Racing Slot Cars. All of the Funny Cars, Pro Stocks and Top Fuel Dragsters that have ever been released. I have actually emailed back and forth with Frank a few times and he was kind enough to provide some additional information for me to post here on HO Slot Car Drag Racing. I was actually missing a set on my release list.

Frank is currently asking $6,500 or best offer! If you are interested in purchasing this massive slot car collection send him an email (frankwolfram AT hotmail DOT com), serious inquiries only please. Be sure to tell him you saw his collection here at HO Slot Car Drag Racing!

This is a very impressive collection and would take quite a bit of time to replicate. From my experience over the last several months you could easily find about 70% of these cars on eBay for sale in new or used condition. However there are several of the Pro Racing Dragstrip sets that are very hard to find. The two different Summit Racing Pro Stock sets and the two different Matco Top Fuel Drag Sets specifically I think. I do not see them often or at all, and when you do they fetch several hundred dollars easily. My pick for the 3rd most difficult set to find would be the MAC Tools 5 Car set. I have only seen this set come up for sale twice in the last several months.

The auction listing will eventually end so here are the auction details and photos.

Up for Buy It Now is my complete collection of Auto World 4 Gear NHRA Drag Cars in brand new or new, sealed condition.

This is it!…Every Auto World NHRA drag car made to date since they started in 2010…every NHRA dragstrip set car, every NHRA regular release, every Legends of the Quarter Mile NHRA 4 Gear release. A total of 112 individual vehicles including 41 regular releases, 16 Legends of the Quarter Mile, 2 Auto World exclusives, 46 dragstrip set cars, 5 car Mac Tools set and 2 vehicles in the Napa Transporter/Car set. I’ve got a pre-order on the 3 car rail dragster release coming at the end of the month and can include those 3 as well when I receive them or will update the listing then.


It took me over two years of nationwide internet and hobby shop searching to assemble the collection. None of the sealed cars were opened and the set cars that were originally packed only in bubble wrap from the factory have never touched a track. I collected two full sets of everything, one new but opened and one new sealed, I’m keeping the opened set as I plan to display mine open once my dragstrip is put back in operation (remodeling). I stopped counting after spending over $5000.00 for each collection in original retail price or more, not even counting tax, shipping, time and mileage. Prices have increased steadily since and with limited availability I would not want to start again now. I’m selling the collection to fund some more remodeling and car projects and figured, why keep them boxed up stored away?


The listing is limited to 12 pictures, the first 2 are the entire collection, the other 10 are detail. If you need any more views please contact me, I’d be glad to provide. If you haven’t researched or viewed the cars personally, set cars that also had regular release same driver/cars are different, usually in subtle decal numbers or graphics differences.


Important: I did not collect the iWheels versions of the Legends cars, I believe they made 8 over the last two releases. I thought they were dumb and missed the point of replicating real NHRA drag cars. Also, the 3 car Thunderjet Legends of the Quarter Mile release is not included, that set is still readily available for $80.00 shipped. I have them if it is a deal breaker, I just kept them out because the scale doesn’t match the 4 Gear cars. The Summit release 9 car does not have the outer hanger box as pictured, the cube is sealed, I bought it that way, I can’t figure out why or where those are being hoarded. The collection is listed elsewhere and I reserve the right to end listing early.


Plan to display open and rather have opened regular releases still with original packaging? Contact me to discuss. Also, I’m not very interested in breaking up the collection but could consider selling either the regular releases or set cars as separate lots, make an offer. Already started your collection and want to buy this? I’ll buy your new, sealed, unused cars.


Shipping, overly careful packing and full insurance is free in the continental US and to the eBay International Shipping center, others please inquire. Local pickup and viewing is welcomed.

Top Fuel Dragsters Slot Car Release 7 Completed!

I completed my Release 7 collection of Auto World’s NHRA Top Fuel Dragsters this past week. I purchased the final Al-Anabi Racing slot car directly from Larry Dixon Racing (via eBay) and Larry even signed it! If you need this Top Fuel Dragster slot car for your collection this is a great deal at just $15 + shipping.

They have 2 more available as of 1/9/17. Here is a direct link. They even included a personalized, signed handout/postcard as well.

Top Fuel Dragster Slot Car Larry Dixon Signed Postcard

Auto World Racing Rig Twin Pack – Release 7

I found an older Racing Rigs two-pack featuring a 4Gear NHRA Funny Car of Ron Capps and a matching Semi Hauler for the NAPA Auto Parts Funny Car Team on eBay last month. I finally have some time to take a few photos and share. I have yet to open it but will do so eventually and do some test runs down my 1000′ scale track.

This is from the Racing Rigs release #7, the other twin pack in this release is a Richard Petty stock car and semi hauler.

Auto World Racing Rigs Ron Capps Funny Car
Racing Rigs Ron Capps NAPA Auto Parts Funny Car