John Force Racing – Pro Racing Dragstrip

One of the first Pro Racing Dragstrips from Auto World is the John Force Racing Set. Featuring a 13′ Dragstrip with a functioning LED Christmas Tree and electronic finish line with win lights as well as in-track sensors for red foul lights. This set includes two NHRA Funny Cars, Castrol sponsored John Force & Ashley Force Hood.

The cars included in the slot car drag racing set are similar if not identical to the same Release 3 versions. Looking at the official images from Autoworld there does seem to be one difference from the printed images to the actual cars though. That is the lack of the Simpson sponsor decal on the side right before the window. On the cars you can clearly see it has been added. The release 3 cars also have this same scenario occurring, missing on the printed marketing material but present on the actual cars.

Note the Release 3 cars listed for additional purchase on this sell sheet compared to the one to the right.

Ashley Force Hood

John Force

The red circle highlights where the Simpson decal appears on the actual cars.

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