Auto World 4Gear Release 18 Top Fuel Dragsters

Round 2 has posted their December Product Spotlight which gives us the first look at the new Top Fuel Dragster slot cars in Release 18. This release will have 3 new slot cars, 2 of the cars are repeat sponsors and drivers. We have seen previous versions of Matco Tools – Antron Brown and US Army – Tony Schumacher cars before. The third dragster will be SealMaster – J.R. Todd.

As you can see in the photos below pulled from the video, the packaging for the top fuel dragsters has been updated. Plastic blister packs will replace the previous boxes. Hopefully they have an easy open ability that might allow them to be reused. If not I am going to miss the boxes for the purpose of storage, display, and re-packing for trade or sale on Ebay.

12/26/16 Update – I have posted official photos from the Auto World website for these three Top Fuel Dragster slot cars.

Matco Tools - Antron Brown

Matco Tools – Antron Brown

SC322 - Matco Tools - Antron Brown

US Army - Tony Schumacher

US Army – Tony Schumacher

SC322 - US Army - Tony Schumacher

SealMaster - J.R. Todd

SealMaster – J.R. Todd

SC322 - SealMaster - J.R. Todd

As far as other new releases in the slot car area, the first new NASCAR Racing Rigs is being released. Featuring the 2016 Champion Jimmie Johnson. You will get a Jimmie’s 2016 Chevy SS Lowes/Kobalt sponsored car which is a Super III Chassis and an Xtraction Peterbilt racing rig hauler. Be sure to check out their product spotlight video below.

Auto World 4Gear Release 10 NHRA Top Fuel Dragsters

Auto World released a second set of NHRA Top Fuel Dragster slot cars with the 4Gear Release 10. Consisting of four licensed Top Fuel Dragsters: Aarons/Antron Brown, Geico/Morgan Lucas, Mac Tools/Doug Kalitta and Parts Plus/Clay Millican.

The sell sheet (dated April 19th 2012) shows a July 2012 release date which is surprising considering that the 4Gear Release 9 was scheduled to release in October 2012. This means release 10 was supposedly available before release 9. Check out the sell sheet and photos below.

Auto World 4Gear Release 10 Sell Sheet

Auto World 4Gear Release 10 Sell Sheet

4Gear Release 10 - Top Fuel Dragster Slot Cars

4Gear Release 10 – Top Fuel Dragster Slot Cars

Parts Plus - Clay Millican

Parts Plus – Clay Millican

Mac Tools - Doug Kalitta

Mac Tools – Doug Kalitta

Geico - Morgan Lucas

Geico – Morgan Lucas

Aarons - Antron Brown

Aarons – Antron Brown