Auto World Slot Cars 4Gear Release 16

Auto World’s 4Gear Release 16 brings us four more vintage funny car slot cars. These slot cars were scheduled for a March 2015 release based off the sell sheet I found. This is the first time that Auto World’s iWheels would be produced for the Legends of the Quarter Mile series. So there are really 8 new cars but only 4 unique.

The iWheels cars are duplicates of the regular model except the primary color or at least some color of the car has been replaced with white, they have white wheels and the chassis is white as well. I have photos for both the regular slot cars and the iWheels side by side below for comparison.

ROUND2 SC303 4Gear Release 16 Legends Funny Cars

ROUND2 SC303 4Gear Release 16 Legends Funny Cars

Trojan Horse Slot Car

Trojan Horse – 1972 Ford Mustang Funny Car

Trojan Horse iWheels Slot Car

Trojan Horse iWheels

JEG Coughlin Slot Car

Jeg Coughlin – 1970’s Camaro Funny Car

JEG Coughlin iWheels Slot Car

JEG Coughlin iWheels

Fighting Irish Slot Car

Fighting Irish – 1971 Camaro Funny Car

Fighting Irish iWheels Slot Car

Fighting Irish iWheels

White Bear Slot Car

White Bear – 1971 Dodge Charger Funny Car

White Bear iWheels Slot Car

White Bear iWheels

New Auto World Slot Cars for October 2016

Auto World Slot Cars

Silver Screen Machines – Release 19

1970 Dodge Challenger “Vanishing Point” – Xtraction Chassis
1969 Dodge Charger “Dirt Mary Crazy Larry” – Xtraction Chassis
1958 Plymouth Fury “Christine (Day Version)” – ThunderJet Chassis
Ghostbusters Ecto 1A – 4Gear Chassis


NASCAR Slot Cars – Release 1

#88 Dale Earnhardt Jr – 2016 Chevy SS Nationwide
#24 Jeff Gordon – 2015 Chevy SS – Axalta
#48 Jimmie Johnson – 2016 Chevy SS – Lowe’s
#5 Kasey Kahne – 2016 Chevy SS – Farmers

NASCAR Super III Slot Cars

New Auto World Slot Cars for April 2016

Auto World Slot Cars

ThunderJet Ultra G Slot Cars – Release 18
2 colors available for each of the following 6 slot cars.

1969 AMC AMX
1969 Dodge Charger
1966 Chevy Nova SS
1966 Ford Fairlane
1958 Plymouth Fury
1959 Chevy Impala

ThunderJet Ultra-G Slot CarsThunderJet Ultra-G Slot Cars

Auto World Traxessories

Supports & Flags – TRX101
9″ Jump Track with Support Pieces – TRX100
Inverted Loop Track – TRX102